NCIS: Los Angeles

Character: Marine Corporal Andrew Peterson

Created by: Shane Brennan

Directed by: Tony Wharmby

Written by: Shane Brennan, Gil Grant

Produced by: David Bellisario, Shane Brennan, R. Scott Gemmill, Gil Grant, Christina M. Kim, John Peter Kousakis, Frank Military, Lindsay Sturman, Rick Tunell, Erik Whitmyre

Cast Members: Chris O'Donnell, Peter Cambor, Daniela Ruah, Adam Jamal Craig, Linda Hunt, LL Cool J, Barrett Foa, Eric Christian Olsen, Renée Felice Smith, Miguel Ferrer, Nia Long

Released date: October 5, 2010

Episode(s) Number: 2.04

Episode(s) Title: Special Delivery

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Duration: 1hr

In a parking garage on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California, near Los Angeles, two shoppers find the body of a man less a crudely severed hand, which is missing; the victim was a Marine corporal, stationed at Camp Pendleton and assigned as a clerk in the G2 (intelligence) office with a top-secret clearance; Vance has expressed interest, so Callen and company investigate. Nell, an enthusiastic new analyst who finishes the sentences of others, has arrived for duty. Eric and Nell see a clue about the amputation; the musketeers conduct interviews; Eric and Nell find more clues; G and Sam find a body and another severed hand; Kensi, Eric, and Nell follow a trace to a Muslim jeweler in Beverly Hills; G and Sam start toward a lunch but bump into the jeweler and some friends; Kensi and Deeks meet the jeweler's wife and find a bloody knife; Sam adds a factoid; the team seek and find the real killer and the rest of the story. Kensi arranges to make a special delivery.

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