A Way Back Home

Character: Trey Cole

Directed by: Mark Jean

Written by: John Wilder

Produced by: Mitchell Galin, Bruce D. Johnson, Fernando Szew, John Wilder

Cast Members: Kayla Ewell, Brett Rice, Bryant Prince, Cameron Carol Anne Watts, Danny Glover, Michael Harding

Released date: June 1, 2013

Genre: Drama

Duration: 1hr 24min

When Norman Rockwell's painting fades into the world of Charlie Shuffleton's barbershop, this classic piece of Americana becomes the center of a small town in Georgia where friends gather, gossip flows, and age-old memories are kept. Peering in the window, famous country singer Trey Cole is finally returning home after cruelly abandoning the town many years ago and never looking back, even when his brother died serving in the military. Now, realizing he's lost himself along the way, Trey remembers getting his first haircut in the cracked brown leather chair in Charlie's shop, and hopes to find guidance from the man who was a father to him when his own dad, General Wes Cameron, was coldly absent during his childhood. However, as Trey enters the shop and sees Charlie's old friends playing a trio of instruments in the back room, he is surprised when Charlie isn't there and is saddened to hear of his death just a few months prior. With childhood memories flooding his mind about Charlie's constant and loving influence on him as a young boy, Trey knows he must face his own father and the family he hardly knows to honor Charlie's memory and make things right.

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